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Homeowners Guide to Roofing Replacement

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

When a major hail storm system rolls through your neck of the woods' you start to see roofing contractors, automotive hail damage tents, and public adjusters pop up all over the place all vying to help reach new customers that have experienced damage to their homes and assets. These contractors often work with homeowner and automotive insurance companies to provide the assessment, replacement, and repair services of these assets. You may have seen several of your neighbors getting new roofs, and wondering whether they were paid by their insurance, or entirely out of pocket. As a homeowner, you are probably wondering how your insurance policy will help you reduce the steep cost of some of those large ticket home repairs, such as a roof replacement.

This step by step guide will line out the process to better prepare homeowners for what they can expect when working with a contractor such as Bridgegate Construction LLC, and their insurance providers to service an entire roofing system replacement, and potentially; any other disaster related repairs deemed necessary.

1. Have a contractor come inspect your property.

You will want to have a contractor that you can trust pre-selected and present during your scheduled insurance Adjuster Meeting, this is so all parties can communicate and come to a mutual understanding of the home damage and scope of work that is intended to be performed. So, before ever making a claim, homeowners can schedule an appointment to have one of our Bridgegate Construction Consultant come out to initially inspect a homeowners roof interior and exterior for any storm related damages. You can book an on-site appointment by following this link.

2. File a claim with your insurance and schedule an Adjuster Inspection.

On your initial appointment, a Bridgegate Construction LLC Consultant will be able to determine whether or not you need to make an insurance claim. At this time, our Consultant will go over the claims processes lined out in this guide and also Bridgegate Constructions' contractual agreements. Keep in mind, there is no financial commitment from the homeowner to the contractor if a claim is not made by your insurance. At this step, homeowners will be asked to agree to hire Bridgegate Construction LLC for their services in the event your insurance wants to move forward with the replacement project!

3. Have all parties present for your Claim Inspection.

Once the homeowner and our consultant comes to an agreement that there is disputable damage needing repair, the consultant will work with homeowners to contact their insurance and schedule a date for an Adjuster Inspection to take place. It is important that all parties are present during the inspection; to both walk the property and assess damages. This ensures that everyone is on the same page. Inspections are usually scheduled within a couple of days of initial contact of making a claim.

4. Receive and file your Loss Statement from your insurance adjuster.

After the Inspection, the Adjuster will declare whether or not the roof is approved for replacement and begin to process a report. Once approved, the homeowners insurance provider will then email the homeowner what is known as a Loss Statement (this may take a few days). This document will provide all the information pertaining to the claim being made, and a thorough break down of each repair by line item; as well as the costs associated with them.

4.1.1- Along with the Loss Statement, the insurance company will send the homeowner a check for an estimated fifty percent of the claim, Homeowners will deposit and hold funds till completion of work. After receiving confirmation of receivable of funds, Bridgegate Construction will then schedule work – the following steps will occur immediately follow the reception of this initial check.

Side Note: What is Market Price?

*It is important to note that when dealing with insurance claims, pricing is determined by a third party assessment provider that bases pricing on Market Value of the work being performed. This assessment includes the set Market Value for both material and labor costs. Unlike when hiring an out-of-pocket contractor, or sub-contracor, job estimates are not necessary to be provided by multiple contractors. This is due to the fact that pricing is set by the third party provider; and ultimately determines the set price of the contract work. This price is determined by a set of factors that vary by geographic and economic region. This is why it is important to chose a contractor that you trust and is committed to providing you with the best service possible, not the least costly, contractors working on claims are all legally obligated to bill for the entire amount — in short, the price is determined by the homeowners adjuster and the third party market valuation, not the contractor.*

5. Provide your Contractor with the "Loss Statement" document provided by your insurance.

Homeowners will want to provide the Bridgegate Construction Consultant with your claims loss Statement. It is the contractors responsibility to go over the line items line by line and potentially argue any items that may have been overlooked by the insurance claim adjuster. It is common for insurance company adjusters to not be able to determine the entire depth of damage until after work has started, or not be accustomed to your regions building codes. So it is important that both your contractor and insurance provider are in agreement of exactly what work is intended to be performed to meet state & county building codes to a complete roofing system install, during this step, discrepancies often occur. In the event changes to the statement need to be updated, your Bridgegate Construction Consultant and Project manager will directly request any adjustments to the Loss Statement by the insurance provider for you, it is standard practice, and should in no way stress the homeowner.

6. Choose shingle color and set build date.

After the homeowner has received their insurance provided Loss Statement and first check, (The RCV) Bridgegate Construction Consultant will help you select your shingle type and colors based on the provided budget.

*Often homeowners will become overwhelmed with making shingle selections; a Bridgegate Consultant will explain the differences in shingles and help homeowners choose the best shingle for the budget, upgrades can be made at the homeowners discretion, at Market Price. Bridgegate Construction only uses high quality shingle brands such as Certainteed™ that provide up to 25 year or even limited-lifetime manufacturing warranties, allowing us to warranty our work. *

7. Build Day: your Contractor begins Roofing System Replacement.

Building Materials will arrive shortly thereafter; the day prior to the scheduled build date, the very next morning; A roofing crew along with a Crew Leader & Project Manager will arrive and begin removing the existing shingles, felt, and the existing drip edge. Once existing components removed they begin to replace and repairing any nail-able surfaces, vents, flashing and other components deemed necessary to meet state compliance. Workers will then install the new roofing system components starting with felt, Ice & water shield, etc.. Most roof teardown and rebuilds take 1-2 days to complete. If work on the interior of the house is included in the Loss Statement, crews will begin making interior repairs room-by-room following directly after the roof installation.

8. Inspect your Contractors work.

Upon completion of the project, the crew leader will make sure all debris including loose nails are picked up using a magnetic roller and the entire job-site cleaned and placed back to working order. The Crew Leader will make an inspection with the Bridgegate Construction Project Manager, and the homeowner to check quality of work and deem completion — they will make note of any final repairs that need to be made if necessary. At this time, your deductible plus the funds provided by your first insurance check will be due. This means, you will have paid the initial check from your insurance, plus your deductible amount stated on your Loss Statement.

9. You contractor will submit notice of completion to your insurance for final depreciation payment. Homeowner receives final paid invoice and Warranty.

Bridgegate Construction LLC will submit a notice of completion to your insurance company along with a final invoice to release the remaining depreciated funds which will be mailed to the homeowner. Once received, the homeowner will deposit the final check and write a new check to for the equal amount to Bridgegate Construction LLC or endorse it over if applicable. At this time, Bridgegate Construction will provide homeowner with a final invoice deemed paid in full along with a 5 year Warranty on the new roof.

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